About the Author

Sherrie Brown

Sherrie Brown

Sherrie Brown is the Bestselling Author of “Life Within His Promise.”

She is also a Visioneer and Inventor, having attained two (2) U.S. Design Patents on Leg Wear, and is the owner of Classy Calves. She has also owned and operated a Hair Salon for 24 years.

She is a wife, mother, and an-up-and coming speaker, who loves to spend time on her family’s boat, in vast waters of the Puget Sound.

Sherrie’s greatest joy is ministering to believers who struggle to hear from Jesus or have an encounter with Him. God has given her wisdom and skill through the Holy Spirit to usher healing in the lives of believers who’ve not known how to access their God-given authority and power. Sherrie takes God’s beloved children on a healing journey, bringing them into their Promise Land filled with faith and hope.